ServiceNow Vendor Restocking Notification is Incorrect

We had an issue come up on client-site today about the ServiceNow Vendor Restocking notification.  This is the notification that comes up when Vendor Stock Rules fire.  Our client is using the out-of-box version of the notification.

During testing, we noticed that the notification was sending the incorrect number of assets to order.  In some circumstances, the system would tell the stockroom manager to order 0 new assets:

Restocking Email

Our developer investigated, and discovered that the email is sending the existing stock, instead of the quantity to order.  Our developer submitted a ticket to ServiceNow, who confirmed that this is the out-of-box behavior.

To solve the problem, we are rewriting the email notification in our instance.  The downside to this is that if ServiceNow does correct this issue, our changes to the email will prevent the updates from reaching our instance.  The good news is that I wouldn’t expect ServiceNow to update the notification – unless they’re fixing this defect.




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